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We are songwriters, just like you.

We are sync agents, based in Nashville, TN

Together we have 40+ years combined experience in different sectors of the music business.

In the last several years we have had the pleasure of mentoring and coaching songwriters and artists, helping them develop their natural talents, and cheering them on as they reach their goals.

We'd like to help you.

Nancy Peacock

Nancy's love of music began with her study of classical piano for eleven years. She listened to and fell in love with pop, rock, R&B and soul. After graduate school, she moved to Atlanta with her husband. It was there that she began "dreaming" songs during the night. She embraced this gift and became a songwriter and member of the Atlanta Songwriters Association and the Grammy organization (NARAS). Nancy served on these two boards. One of her biggest achievements at the time was having her song chosen by Bell South for the 1996 Paralympics.                                                          
Nancy continued her career as a songwriter when she moved home to Nashville. In 2006 she opened Washington Street Publishing and was welcomed into the country music community. She has had artist cuts in the USA and also international songwriting success in England and Ireland. Her Song "Judgment Day", rose to #1 on the charts in Australia's 2019 female country vocalist of the year, Christie Lamb.
In 2012 Nancy shifted her focus from artist cuts to sync licensing for film, TV and ads.She began traveling to California and New York to network with music supervisors. The company’s success has come with sync placements in TV shows, film trailers and major motion films. Nancy has been featured as a music industry speaker and mentor at songwriter events, such as ASCAP EXPO, West Coast Songwriters, Durango Songwriters Expo, Frank Brown Songwriters Festival, WIFT Conference and GSC Focus Events.

Nancy is an active member of the AIMP (Association of Independent Music Publishers), SOURCE, GMS (Friends of the Guild of Music Supervisors), Global Songwriters Connection and WIFT (Women in Film and TV). 
Queenie Mullinix
Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Queenie was transplanted to the south at the age of 10, where she got her first horse and her first guitar. By junior high she was performing at parties and school events, and was part of an all girl rock band. In her 20s she started writing songs and played with several notable Atlanta bands before going solo. To date she has released 4 albums and is working on a new EP with her son, musician/producer, Justin Mullinix. 
Queenie’s musical education continued through music business workshops, conferences and continuing ed. courses. She learned the basics of recording and production working with Grammy award-winning producer Billy Hume (Infamous Stringdusters, Ying Yang Twins, Lil John, etc.) at his Zone Studio.
In 2001 she and her husband, bassist Dave Webb moved to Nashville.  She found her 'tribe' doing writer's nights and co-writing,  including some with hit writers. Queenie continued to perform live at iconic venues like The Bluebird Cafe & Troubadour Theater when an exciting new opportunity launched her into the ad music world.  As creative director of Wolf Music & Sound Design, an award-winning commercial music studio, she worked with ad agency creatives and their corporate clients. For the last 14 years, Queenie has worked alongside Nancy Peacock as the creative director at Washington Street Publishing.
Queenie volunteers her time and talents to support breast cancer awareness and fundraising. Her song "Twenty Years" chronicles her own survivor story. She currently plays and writes with her church worship band.