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 Why take this course?

  • You’ll learn why the habits you’ve developed writing country music can kill your chances of getting a sync placement.
  • You'll discover how to produce your songs so music supervisors are more likely to use them in their projects.
  • You'll learn to write other genres that are more frequently used in sync.
  • One sync placement will pay for the cost of this course...and then some.

What makes C2S different from other sync courses?

  • We have designed it specifically for country songwriters and other country-adjacent styles- bluegrass, CCM, folk, blues, etc.
  • We use audio and video clips to show how different songs work in a scene and commercials.
  • We have a seasoned Nashville producer who will give you important tips on sync production.   
  • BONUS! Module 5 Live! You'll get to pitch one of your songs for evaluation in a 2-hour online listening session.
  • EXTRA BONUS! There will be a drawing to win a free recording session!

Go at your own pace through the 4 easy to navigate video modules (4 episodes each). Then join us for the bonus online event live from the recording studio. We'll be listening to some of your songs for placement in our library and announcing the winner of the drawing!

Our goal is to educate and inspire you to challenge yourself to make small changes in your music that can pay off big. You'll gain a well-rounded knowledge of the creative process and the business side of licensing your music for sync. We'll share some success stories and a few cautionary tales as well.  

Here's just some of what we'll be covering:

  • Where Country Music Fits In Sync (with a tour of Broadway in Nashville)
  • Repurposing your existing songs
  • The formula for writing for sync
  • Building a solid sync catalog
  • Studio prep and production
  • How music supervisors choose songs
  • Protecting & collecting your assets
  • Resources to help you on the way    

* We are limiting the number of people so that we have time to listen to all submitted songs.

Invest in the next step of your music career. 

The sky's the limit! With your skills as a writer you're halfway there. If you're serious about learning the rest, we'll give you the tools and resources you need to move into world of sync music.

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