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Country2Sync Premier

Offer ends Sunday June 23rd.

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If you have songs that you believe in.

If you'd like your songs heard by millions.

If you want to make more revenue. 

NOW is the time to invest in yourself.

    •    All About You! Watch at your own pace. The course will be available to view anytime.

    •    Laser Focused!
We take Country (and country-adjacent) songwriters through detailed steps to increase sync success. 
    •    Show & Tell!
We play video and audio clips to illustrate how different songs affect a scene or commercial.

    •    Special guests!
Hear success stories from some of our clients, and get great tips from a Nashville producer.  

PLUS - Submit a song for Module 5 Live! In the 2 hour interactive event, we'll be listening to your songs for possible placement in our library, and taking questions.

EXTRA BONUS - You'll be entered into the drawing to win a FREE recording session of one of your songs!


*No Worries Refund Policy*

[You may request a refund up until episode 6.]